I tried to get a Thanksgiving-y picture of the clock tower (I think it’s the "old Met Life building") that I posted last week, but they all came out horribly blurry.  I did, however, get a picture of the Empire State Building that I really like.


Doesn’t this make it look sinister?  It was a lot darker in real life, just foggy… 


I spent several hours yesterday cooking yummy food.  (Yay, "vacation"!)  Pictures and such are in the extended entry.

First up:  my version of apple-onion gratin.  While in New York, I picked up a copy of the Moosewood New Classics cookbook.  I really wanted to try a new recipe from it (I’d gotten it from the library a few years ago and liked some of the recipes I’d used then), and picked this.



Since I am nearly incapable of following a recipe completely, this has a carrot in addition to the apples, walnuts, and onion, a sorta half-assed version of the cream sauce (olive oil and soymilk instead of butter and milk, and it never really thickened), and Primadonna instead of cheddar (because I forgot I had cheddar).  It still tastes good, though.  (And the apples, onion, and carrot were local.)

And, while it was baking, I had time to make and eat this:


Mung bean noodles with peppers, spinach, and leftover hijiki [seaweed] salad and a lot of fresh basil.  Seasoned largely with chili-garlic sauce.  Mmmmm.  I’m sorry it’s gone already, but it made an excellent lunch today.

Then, after eating some gratin, I went back to cooking and made these:


Pumpkin-pecan-chocolate chip "muffins" that turned out a lot more like cupcakes than like muffins.  About as close to the recipe in my new cookbook as one could expect from me.  Very, very good.