I am in the middle of a just-over-two-week period which has/had all of three days, I think, with nothing [social] scheduled.  I wound up cancelling some of my plans and diverting an evening or two to alternate plans, but things have been busy.  There’ve been lots of things to blog, but very little time with which to do so.  Here, then, since I am still quite busy, are a few bits.

Food.  After the end of the One Local Summer challenge, I decided that my next cooking challenge would be to cook "real food" at least once, preferably twice, each week.  It hasn’t been going as well as I’d’ve liked, but I’m still working at it.  Last week, however, I managed twice, with one meal large batch of food being mostly local, and one batch of food being OLS-compliant.  Here’s a picture of the partly-local food, in its reincarnation as lunch:


That’s sautéed local rainbow chard, with bulgar salad adapted from Mac‘s recipe–the carrots were local, the cranberries, almonds, and bulgar were not.  (I also toss in a good bit of sumac in this stuff, but it can be hard to find.)   The other batch of cooking was locally made whole wheat linguine with local tofu, carrots, and broccoli.  I still have some left, and it turns out to be much better with [local] cheese.


Plants–because what kind of catch-up post from me would it be without at least one picture of a plant?


This year, my christmas cactus decided to honor Veterans’ Day.  I had hoped, when I saw the buds, that it would be a birthday cactus, but ’twas not to be.  Still, I’m always happy to have flowers on my plants, especially as they’re getting scarcer outside.

Fiber.  The conspiracy is sucking me further in.  I have now played with handcards, and it was fun. 


Three rolags from last night, hanging out at Sarah‘s, with a 20p coin for scale (a bit bigger than a US nickel).  Pretty much all wool, with a couple of teensy bits of alpaca and silk, mostly the brown corriedale I bought when I first got my spindle and then decided wasn’t pretty enough or enough fun to spin.  I like it a lot better now.  (It doesn’t show up all that well, but the rolag on the far left is sorta greyish-brownish-greenish, and the middle rolag is reddish-brownish-slightly purple.)