Jody posted last month about a pact she’d made with Christy.  They agreed that they were each going to knit half of their 2006 festival purchases before MDSW 2007.  Partly inspired by that and partly inspired by the desire to have less stuff*, I’ve gone through my records of things I bought at the three festivals I’ve attended.  The annotated composite graphic is in the extended entry, along with my plans and goals.

*which was, in turn, partly inspired by the process of moving last summer


Things from MDSW ’05 are in the top left, Rhinebeck ’05 is the top right, and MDSW ’06 is the bottom picture.

Things I want to do before MDSW ’07 (with special attention to previous fest purchases):

• finish spinning Spirit-Trail merino-mohair (bottom right, unlabelled) and knit wristwarmers for my mom
• finish spinning alien wool
• knit orange mohair shawl (which entails finishing the spindling of the third kind of yarn for it, not pictured because I didn’t buy it at a festival)
• dye and spin brown corriedale
• finish fire sock (and its mate)
• finish spinning wool/mohair locks
• finish spinning silk cap
• knit at least one skein of the tess yarn into socks
• spin enough of the copper corriedale to finish the diamond fantasy shawl; finish knitting the diamond fantasy shawl
• at least sample the cormo and the ramboullet

So that’s about…five to seven ounces of fiber to spin on the wheel, maybe three ounces to spin on spindles plus the silk cap (also to spindle), three and a half socks, one and a half shawls, and a pair of wristwarmers.  I think that’s doable.  ‘Course, I also kinda want to knit the Peacock Feathers shawl, and I should go back to the Mountain Peaks shawl at some point, and it’d be really nice to knit a sweater in there somewhere…  But I think these goals are still feasible.