Part One:  My Spirit-Trail sock is past the heel and into the leg-ribbing.


Here’s where it got that far:


That was an amazing concert.  Sweet Honey is always excellent, but I was particularly moved last Sunday.  If ever you get the chance to see them, I highly recommend you take it.  (I think that’s the most I’ve ever paid for a single concert, and it was well worth it.)

Part Two: Yarn!  This is the rest of that green romney, for another 120 yards or so, plus a some random wool plied with the leftover bit of the salvia merino that I three-plied.  I like the way it looks, but there’s only 20 yards of it.  I think it’ll be a stripe in something for Dulaan.  (Part Two-B: Sunshine on fall foliage out my bedroom window!  Expect to see leaves without yarn sometime soon.)


Part Three: I baked cranberry bread the other day, with walnuts.  I love cranberries.  I think I should’ve used less oil, though, to make up for the extra liquid of the cranberries (as opposed to the bananas for which the recipe was designed).  Eh, well, still tasty.