I’ve said this before, and I expect it will come up again… Anj is a very talented and generous enabler.  This time, she spent some of her limited Rhinebeck-time to look for a few things for me, and brought back a pair of beautiful, beautiful bobbins.  I am very happy–now I can have a two-ply and a three-ply going at the same time.


In further discussion of New Things…  I hadn’t intended to post my birthday presents here, but I thought y’all’d appreciate this one: Anju and Tim gave me a Lantern Moon needle roll.



(All the stuff in it was already mine, I just stayed up really late on Saturday to transfer things from the bin o’ needles and stuff to the fancy new organizer.  Because organizing my knitting needles was more urgent than sleep.)

And now for some evidence that I’ve used (one of) my new, pretty bobbins:



I had started spinning this last week, and gotten most of one bobbin spun up, but the second bobbin and the plying were all Saturday evening.  I had decided to use this stuff (green romney top from Rhinebeck ’05) for the freeform blanket I’m knitting, and I wanted it to be socializing-spinning, so I decided not to worry about evenness.  It varies between fingering and worsted, mostly as dk-ish, and this is about 160 yards.

I also recently acquired some more Boogie fiber.  I had been thinking about getting some superwash merino to spin up for socks (and to try spinning superwash), and then she posted a lovely green with greyish and brownish bits, and I bought it.


Isn’t it pretty?


This is a teensy (three-yard) sample skein I spun and plied last night.  Soooo soft.  And it doesn’t seem terribly different from regular merino, at least so far.