I had all sorts of grand plans for my weekend.  (I nearly always do…)  I was going to find the last thing I wanted for my Halloween costume, I was going to go to Fabric Row and buy fabric and baste a skirt together if I couldn’t find what I wanted, I was going to go to Pearl to get a new fancy notebook for seminars, I was going to go to two Halloween parties….  Not so much.  On Saturday, I left my house for an hour, for a grocery run, sticking to the two places within three blocks of my house.  On Sunday, I left my house for just over four hours, also known as long enough to get to the co-op, cashier for four hours, and go home.  (The co-op is one of the places within three blocks of my house.)  I was, however, moderately productive while at home.  I rearranged my hall closet and moved my air conditioners into it, I did some reorganizing in the living room, I finally (finally!) started hanging things on the living room walls (there had been pre-existing hooks in my bedroom, so there’d already been things hanging there), I spun a bit, and I made gingerbread cupcakes.


This is more or less my standard gingerbread recipe, except I subbed oil for the butter.  I made it as cupcakes so I could bring them to work and not wind up eating an entire cake by myself, and they seem to have gone over pretty well.