I love shadows in bright sunlight.



Now, because none of them are really enough for their own posts, here are a few things I’ve done since last I posted anything other than pictures:

• I went dancing, where (so she said) a friend of mine almost didn’t recognize me because I wasn’t knitting.

• I got the orange hat halfway through the crown decreases and then realized I’d started them too soon. (I also ripped back to where I’d started decreasing, but haven’t really gotten back to the knitting part.)

• I went to NYC for depressing family reasons but felt (somewhat) better for getting to see my family.

• I read The Golden Compass, a few of the Fables comics, bits of a couple of other books, and reread both Leaven of Malice and What’s Bred in the Bone. And I did a few crossword puzzles.

• I’ve spun some more of the orange mohair-wool and knit a few more rows on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl.

• I’ve cooked four different kinds of food this week. I made my version of sweet potato fries, baked soy-ginger-garlic tofu, scrambled eggs with peppers and corn, and, last night, an entirely local lamb curry. Mmmm. (In addition to lamb, I used onion, garlic, chard, spinach, broccoli, a carrot, and a pepper.)