…but in yarn this time.

I’m in the middle of the heel on my sock, and I wanted something on bamboo for quieter concert knitting…so I present the beginnings of a hat.


This was the first concert in the Organ Recital Series. It was quite good. I was not really fond of the Liszt piece, but the Bach was good, the Mozart was excellent. There was a piece by someone named Mader called “Afternoon of a Toad”, which was great. There was also something by a man with a Spanish-sounding name (also 20th-Century) that I liked almost as much as the Mozart. And then there was the encore of a really, really short piece by Haydn that was fun. So it was worth missing the gorgeous and sunny afternoon.

I also finished some spinning last night, and finally set the twist on the smidgen of alpaca-wool I’d spun a couple of weeks ago.



The orangey stuff is more of the wool-mohair from Three Waters Farm (MD & summer ’05), spindle-spun and wheel-plied; the brown stuff is alpaca-wool from Delly’s Delights Farm (MDSW ’06), spun and plied on the wheel.