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Look at that! Such a small amount of yarn left for the autumn sunset shawl! (The shawl itself is folded in quarters.) I’m going to need another not-quite-mindless project pretty soon. And there isn’t enough left of this to justify packing it for the meeting I’m going to this week, so I may need to find something else that’d be good car knitting.


At least in part because last week’s worsted skeins were so small (about 30 yards total), I spent some of my Sunday afternoon spinning up my ounce of ‘juniper berry’ corriedale as worsted. Oh, my goodness, spinning worsted is sooo much faster than spinning fine. That is, I could actually spin and ply the entire ounce in one sitting. Like knitting with bulkier yarn, though, it has its uses, but it’s not enough fun by itself to lure me away from lace.


The other yarn in these pictures is what was left on one of my bobbins from the Grafton batt. I find it amusing that each skein is about 60 yards.