Despite its general appearance, this is not a quiche. It is an eggy and vegetably thing that I baked for dinner yesterday. But there’s no crust, no cheese, and no milk–the dairy component is yogurt. Although I have sources that tell me that there is such a thing as local flour, and I won’t rule out the existence of local cheese that I would like, I have yet to encounter either. (And I just don’t really drink milk much any more, so I rarely buy it.) So…this is what happens when I take an onion, some garlic, a pepper, three small pattypan squash, two eggs, and three really heaping tablespoons of (plain) yogurt (all from the farmers’ market except the yogurt, which is from Seven Stars Farm via the co-op), and bake the eggs and yogurt and half the veggies as though I had a quiche. (The other half of the veggies wouldn’t fit. I’m thinking of doing something pasta salad-y with them.) The only downside was that it lacked a quiche’s structural integrity, but it was still a tasty Saturday dinner.