One of my labmates has an overabundance of kale, which is not among her favorite vegetables, so I came into an extra bunch of kale last week. This batch was flat-leafed, with pale purple stems and veins, and sweet enough that I thought it was pretty tasty even raw. Anyway, I took it over to a friend’s house, where we eventually came up with this:


That’s ground lamb, the kale (no longer purple, alas), a red pepper, two onions (one yellow, one purple), and a third of an enormous zucchini, spiced in quite a good version of non-authentic Indian food. I think all of that was local, but the rice with which we ate the curried lamb & veggies was definitely not local.

Now, on to the still-purple segment of this post. I found out a week and a half ago that one of my lab-neighbors would be turning 26 on the 2nd. Since she’s also a knitter with whom I’ve had some nice conversations about yarn and wool and crafting, I figured I’d spin up some BFL for her.


This is the ounce of Hyacinth from my Boogie sampler plus the smidge of red maple that I had left from these two earlier gifts. So a little over an ounce. I’d say it’s a little heavier than fingering (sorry about the lack of scale in the pics), maybe just on the heavy side of fingering…but there’s about 120 yards (as estimated by niddy-noddy).