The last time I wrote out what I was working on and planning to accomplish was in May. It’s been three months, so I figured it was time to organize again.

finished since late May:
sunflower merino
grafton batt
pink/yellow/orange/white/green dulaan hat
blue dulaan hat
redwood bfl

still going:
silk cap
autumn sunset shawl
diamond fantasy shawl
mountain peaks shawl

new projects:

hyacinth bfl
fiery toe-hat
wool-mohair locks

to work on soon:
felted bag (maybe I’ll actually finish it before the next time I post about planning)
top-down cardigan
shadow-neuron scarf
the rest of the Boogie almost-solid sampler
maybe the brown wool/alpaca blend

I’ve given up on the baby bobbi bear for my former labmate’s kid, who’s now almost nine months old. Ah, well. I don’t think they’ll hate me for it…especially since I never told them I was working on it.

I’m also thinking that the next lace shawl (after I finish at least one of the three that I’m working on now) might be something in Alchemy Haiku, so it’d be warm and still squish down into something small. That may well wind up being Mim‘s Seraphim pattern. (Or I might just work on the Peacock Feathers Shawl next. That Boogie yarn is so pretty…)

And, because it is also planning, this seems like a good time to say that I will not be at Rhinebeck this year. There are too many other things going on that weekend, and I can’t foresee any time when more stress would be a good thing… So no more fiber festivals for me until May.