Two Thursdays ago was Fiber Night at Anj‘s. She was showing us all of the fiber and yarn she had acquired on her vacation…we ooohed and aaahed…and fondled most of it…but Lehnen was not interested in sharing the giant bag of alpaca:


Last Thursday was a Harry & the Potters/Draco & the Malfoys/Hungarian Horntails concert in a church basement downtown. Being me, I wasn’t about to just stand there through the whole thing without any knitting. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any good concert knitting handy, since the current Dulaan hat is in the middle of the decreases (requires counting and wouldn’t’ve lasted long enough anyway). So I decided to start a new sock with the Spirit Trail sock yarn I bought at Maryland. I started balling the yarn at lunch, finished balling it while standing in line to get in (for maybe 45 minutes), and then cast on and started knitting during the next bit of waiting and the beginning of the show.

At the end of the evening, I had this:


I am really, really proud of how well this came out. It’s sooo much better than the last time I tried to start a toe-up sock at a show–I think some of it is the yarn, which is less splitty, some of it is the fact that this was a concert where I couldn’t see the stage anyway, rather than a movie, and some of it is just practice. Still. Very proud.