I like the fact that I have friends who are good influences…it makes up for all of the less-than-responsible things I do because of my friends. (Most of those are omissions of housework in favor of socializing. Or omissions of sleep.) Anyway, this week has included at least two instances of my abandoning excuses not to do responsible stuff in large part because my friends were showing me up.

Not pictured is the fact that I spent Monday evening doing more unpacking and reorganizing in my kitchen. You probably wouldn’t believe that if you saw pictures, anyway. The good example there? Two friends of mine, who moved at the beginning of August, are finished unpacking now. Me? I moved in June…hey, it’s only August…. My current goal is to finish unpacking by the end of Labor Day weekend.

Then, last night, I got home kinda late (7:45ish) and didn’t want to deal with cooking, despite the fact that my plan for the evening had been to make my One Local Summer meal and spin. So…I had yogurt and dried fruit for dinner, effectively…and then decided that I really wanted to make muffins. So I did.


These are more or less the whole wheat muffins from the Tassajara Bread Book with a bunch of walnuts thrown in. (The egg and honey are local, but I don’t think anything else is.) Then Cyn called, and we were talking about cooking, and she reminded me of the other reason I’d meant to cook dinner: having leftovers to pack for lunch. So then, when we hung up, she went off to cook dinner, I started cooking for today’s lunch.


The idea was for it to be a local meal, hence the egg noodles (the only local non-bread grain product I’ve found, not that I’ve looked beyond my local co-op and farmers’ market). Alas, I don’t think the mushrooms are local. Still, the taste I had when I finished cooking at midnight was pretty good. I’ll just have to cook something else this week. (*gasp*) Everything substantial except the mushrooms was local, though; the onion, garlic, peppers, and zucchini (not the olive oil, though, or the balsamic vinegar or the paprika).

So…tired as I am today from staying up late to cook and then getting to work an hour early, I’m happy that I made real food last night.