I think it’s about time to share a few of my vacation pictures…so here they are. (This batch, anyway.) There are more…plants, scenery, more plants, different scenery…but I think I’ll save some of them for Eye Candy Friday (look for a button here soon).

the Winooski River, a few miles away from my parents’ house

a stinging nettle, in the woods by the river

a tiger lily, in the [my dad’s] front garden

obedient plant and a ladybug, on the other side of the driveway

trees in the backyard: grey birch, striped maple, copper beech

purple meadowrue, sort of under the trees

jewelweed in the backyard, between the vegetable garden and the compost. Note that this picture was taken at my eye level, a bit more than 5 feet up.

Also note that I changed the color scheme again. I was getting awfully tired of the “hey, look! it’s spring!” one…that mood doesn’t hold up very well in the sweltering heat that is a Philadelphia summer. At least it was gorgeous out today. And I had lunch outside, even if I did spend much of my afternoon in a dark, windowless room. Oh, and the photo from which I derived the new title bar is from the path by the Winooski River.