I am back in Philly! And it’s actually pleasant out! I have a slew of vacation photos to sort through and eventually post, but for now, here are two pictures from this morning.


I liked last week’s shredded salad enough that I decided to try another one like it. This week’s is julienned zucchini and green and orange bell pepper and some very finely chopped sweet onion (all labelled “local” at the co-op) with a basic soy-ginger-garlic dressing. The only unusual aspects of the dressing were the toasted sesame oil and the honey (instead of sugar). I haven’t had any of it yet–it’s going to be dinner this evening.


And this? This is yet another hat for Dulaan, this one of scraps of my handspun. I’ve been thinking I might try to felt it a bit, since it’s a looser knit than is probably appropriate, but I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to felt things in my washing machine–it’s hooked up to the kitchen sink, and I’m not certain it’ll get hot enough (plus I’d have to try to switch it to cold for the rinse at the right time…). But maybe this is the project with which to test that.