I haven’t done any knitting or spinning this week. I’ve been using my evening leisure time to read The Omnivore’s Dilemma, instead. And to look at all of the nutrition labels I could find in my kitchen. I am happy to report that I found nothing that included high-fructose corn syrup, and only a very few things with other corn products as ingredients. (I’ve only read about half of the book; I’ll report more fully when I’m finished with it.)

I’ve also had a couple of really tasty mostly-local meals with one or two non-local ingredients. I made a giant salad on Tuesday, with local tofu (yes, I like raw tofu), pepper, purple beans, and cucumber, but I caved and included (well, caved and bought) non-local spinach because it’s now too hot for local spinach. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s dinners and today’s lunch was a batch of asian eggplant/tofu/red pepper stirfry, which was local, but the rice was not. Tomorrow, though, I plan to make an actual all-local meal. (Tonight is just for knitting. And maybe some spindling.)