I really meant to have a nice One Local Summer post for today. But the earliest I got home last week was around 8pm, and I spent all of yesterday either in New York or on my way there or back. So no cooking really at all.

New York was great fun, though. I went to the Darwin exhibit at the natural history museum in the morning. It was definitely populated, but really not crowded. I wouldn’t say I learned much science at the exhibit, but there’s a lot of historical perspective that I don’t usually think about. And, overall, it was a very well executed exhibit, with some interactive things that taught some comparative anatomy and taxonomy to go with the historic bits. And the beetle specimens and bird specimens and such, and the notebooks and reproductions of letters…all very cool to see. Also, I’m never going to argue about seeing iguanas or horned toads. (I’d’ve taken pictures of them, but photography wasn’t permitted.)

I had a little time left after the Darwin exhibit, so I wandered through some of the exhibits on native peoples of the Americas. Being me, I spent much of that time looking at their textiles… There were some amazing weavings. I was particularly impressed (as someone who doesn’t know so much about weaving) by one of the techniques that cropped up a few times, wherein the weft was just holding the warp threads in place, with multiple colors of warp but not weft, and the designs were made by moving the warps (it looked like there’d be one in front of another). They were set up with the warps tied (?) to a string (?) running between sticks, and the weaving progressed downward–not much of a loom to deal with.

I then headed back downtown, where I met up with Juno and Cassie at School Products. (Cassie? Juno? I found the piece of paper with yarn shop addresses. I’d left it in lab.) There is much of droolworthiness there (I will be going back), but nothing in particular caught my eye. Even with our additional stop at Seaport Yarns (ooooh, Grafton Fibers…), my only nonfood purchases of the day were the new knitscene and some Japanese dollar store things. I think it was moving that brought home to me just how much yarn & fiber I have… I need to use some of it up before I buy anything else.