I have knit on three projects in the last twenty-four hours. All of them are lace shawls. This is probably a sign of severe mental instability of some kind, but at least it’s a nice kind of insanity.


That would be the autumn sunset shawl (in the back), the diamond fantasy shawl (on the right), and the mountain peaks shawl (on the left). I was thinking last night about how they’re so different despite all being lace… The patterns are three different levels of complexity, they’re three different degrees of not-solid yarn, and they’re three different weights and textures of yarn. The slow progress on the mountain peaks shawl is definitely related both to the relative complexity of the pattern (significant amounts of stuff to do on wrong-side rows) and the fineness of the yarn…it’s lovely, and I expect I’ll really like having such a delicate shawl when it’s done, but it takes a lot more attention. And the diamond fantasy shawl, well…it’s exciting enough to be knitting with my handspun that I don’t mind the occasionally-excessive fluffiness. (And, well, it does make it soft.) The autumn sunset shawl, although I go back and forth about whether I like the colorway, is a nicely even and firm…and the mind-numbing repetition of the pattern is useful for multitasking.

So I guess the appropriate answer to the question is “both”.

(Oh, and the color in this photo is pretty accurate.)