I’ve knit a bit more on my diamond fantasy shawl, started yet another handspun hat for Dulaan (this one’s gonna be striped), and spun more merino and more wool from Grafton fibers. But I don’t have pictures of any of that.

I do, however, have more pictures from my aquarium trip last Saturday:


These upside down jellyfish are pretty cool. (And they were in tanks with plenty of light, unlike the rest of the jellyfish. I think jellyfish are amazing as long as I’m not worried about being stung by them…)


These were some of my favorites of the coral reef fish.


And this seal seemed to have the right idea of what to do on a hot, sunny July day. (Not that I would’ve argued against the “playing in the water” idea that some of the other seals were advocating.)

Today, thank goodness, it’s finally pleasant out–fifteen degrees cooler and not deathly humid. I hope it stays like this a while.