So, I took a whole whack of pictures of the secret project I mentioned. Alas, the @#$% autofocus on my camera seemed to think that the people in the edges of the pictures should look better than the knitted item in the middle…And I somehow neglected to get a completely-finished picture.


At any rate, here ’tis, the hedgehog that Anj and Kirsten and I made as a birthday present for Jill. I knit the front, Anj knit a bit of the back and did the felting and stuffing (and needle-felting of eyes, which aren’t in that picture), and Kirsten knit most of the back. It was a lot of fun, and I think just about everyone at last week’s fiber night decided to knit one. (I’m even thinking I need to make one for myself…)

And I’m hoping that Jill will send me some pictures of the hedgehog with eyes.

**update: picture from Jill:**

I’ve been doing more knitting since then, too. I’ve found that the autumn sunset shawl is the perfect socialization knitting–just interesting enough that I don’t get too bored, but simple enough that I don’t have to divert attention away from talking to people. So I knit during fiber night, and at the park with some friends and their dog, and at Ben & Jerry’s when we went out for ice cream. (One of the ice cream people came over and asked about what I was knitting and whether I knew how to knit in the round. I said yes and pointed out that although I was using a circular, I was still knitting flat… I think he said he only knew how to knit scarves.)

Yet again, no accurate pictures, but here’s a picture from October so you have some idea what I’m talking about.

Picture it about twice that size.