I have knitting to show! Not all that much of it is recent, but I’ve resumed work on my ginormous green to-be-felted totebag:


Lest it decide to swallow my cat and start engulfing my armchair, I think I’m going to start the handles/straps after I finish the skein I joined on Saturday. It’ll be really nice to have this thing done…whenever that actually happens.

And…I know, my stated plan was to spin and knit from my stash and what I bought at Maryland and not buy more fiber until Rhinebeck, but I couldn’t resist this:


A very kind, generous person offered to buy roving mill-ends from Brown Sheep, at their factory, and send them to various other people at her cost. And I’m not to a point of being able to refuse pretty roving at $7/lb. So I now have two pounds of wool in that lovely cranberry color. I’m hoping it’ll turn into a sweater.

And, to continue the red, and just because it was there, I present a photo of one of the poppies I bought at the farmers’ market last Saturday: