I have moved. There are still odds and ends (and all of my plants) at my old apartment, but I’m officially living at my new apartment now. I moved some essentials over on Saturday evening, and then devoted all of Sunday to moving (nearly all of) the rest of my stuff. Hiring movers for the furniture was a wonderful, wonderful idea… But last night was devoted to rearranging boxes and furniture–I only unpacked one or two boxes, maybe three if you count the “immediate kitchen stuff” box I unpacked this morning so I could make coffee. At this point, most of the stuff that belongs in the living room is in the living room, and most of the boxes in the bedroom either belong there or will eventually find homes in the kitchen. I was keeping most of the kitchen free so my landlord could install the washer and dryer this morning (!!). So, the four hours I spent reorganizing boxes and getting about half the furniture into the right places meant no knitting, but I have one picture from Saturday night to share:

if you click, it’ll get slightly larger

Yes, that’s the wheel set up before I unrolled my new mattress. (Of course, the only thing that hasn’t been moved in the moving-in and rearranging process is the lamp…)

And, while I’m posting, here’s the big excitement from a week or so before the intensive packing:


My christmas cactus, which I’ve had for about four years, finally decided to bloom this May. I’m not sure whether it wanted to be a Mothers’ Day cactus or a Memorial Day cactus, but it made me happy. I mean, I like having green plants around, and I don’t object to the all-green flowers that some of them have, but it’s nice when the plants that are supposed to have colorful flowers actually do so.