I posted in early February about what I had on needles and goals for starting and finishing various things.

Somehow, not very many of those goals have been met. Um…okay, none of them. But I’m going to post about goals again, so I can organize my thoughts someplace where I’ll be able to find them again.

Things I’ve finished recently:
kind of a lot of spinning, at least compared to my spindle-only productivity
four Dulaan hats
corriedale wristwarmers

Things I’m currently working on:
green Grafton batt
sunset-y silk cap
(no knitting since the wristwarmers)

Things I’m planning to resume soon:
mountain peaks shawl
jaywalkers (they’ve been in my bag all week, but I haven’t actually worked on them)
redwood bfl
sunflower merino

On needles but not priorities:
baby bobbi bear (although I really ought to finish it soon)
felted totebag
autumn sunset shawl
mom’s wristwarmers

Things I want to start soon:
top-down cardi from CosmicPluto‘s basic pattern
diamond fantasy shawl with handspun (redwood bfl & copper corriedale)
shadow neuron scarf

Things to be put off for a while:
The mohair-blend feather & fan triangle shawl probably ought to wait for autumn. All sweaters that aren’t relatively plain cardigans are going to wait until I’ve finished one that is. The peacock feathers shawl and the lotus blossom shawl are going to need to wait until I finish at least one of the three lace shawls listed above.

That’ll keep me busy a while. Especially with moving and unpacking and labwork and such. Oy. Moving really makes me want to shake my packrat tendencies… (No worries, though, the wool is not at risk. Sorry. It’s lightweight and not breakable.)