I finished the wristwarmers! I finished the wristwarmers! I know, I know, they aren’t obviously wristwarmers in that photo, but it’s hard to take a picture of both of one’s hands in what sunlight comes in through one’s front window (even as nice a front window as mine), especially when one has lent out one’s tripod. But I’m really excited about having wristwarmers, especially since they’re knit from my handspun.

I specifically made them so they wouldn’t reach past the knuckles at the bases of my fingers so they should be wearable under lab gloves, since they’re for wearing in lab. Even if I decide not to layer them under our purple nitrile gloves, though, they’ll be great for sitting at the microscope for hours.

I also have a picture of some freshly-twist-set yarn:

Mel seems interested, but I’m not sure whether it’s the yarn or the cardboard

This is the wool-mohair that I bought from Three Waters Farm last summer after I started spinning this stuff. This skein (about 50 yards) is what was on the spindle when I went to Maryland–I spent a while plying it, early Sunday morning, while listening to birdsong. I know it’s a bit underplied, since I was eager to free my spindle, but now the spindle is occupied by that silk cap. I’ll fix it later…

And one more picture, of some beautiful flowers I saw on a walk around my neighborhood last week:


I love springtime.