Most of my energy this week has gone into work and packing (and watching season 6 of West Wing…), but I have done a little bit of spinning and knitting.


This is some of the silk cap that I bought at MDSW. I did some spindle spinning last Sunday morning at the campsite, and it reminded me that spindling is fun, too. So I’ve been spinning this silk–sorry, Steph, but the Grafton batt is first up for the wheel–and it’s really impressive. Aside from it being pretty and shiny, it’s just amazing to see some of the “yarn” I’m winding onto my spindle looking like my hair except that it’s purple and shinier. (I’ve decided not to care about evenness for this; it’ll range from thread to fingering with some slubs and neppy bits, and I’ll use it for something lacy. I think.)


This is a better picture of the whole silk cap than I showed last week.

While I’m on the subject of things I could’ve shown you last week, here’s my favorite picture of our campfire from Maryland.


And…this afternoon, I went to a concert at the Kimmel Center (ahh, Beethoven), where I had plenty of time to knit. This is the second corriedale wristwarmer.


One more thing, while I’m posting. I found this handwriting meme on Miriam‘s blog, and thought it looked interesting. So here we have a pangram and my first name, in my handwriting. I’ll just have to be careful if I ever want to send an anonymous package again…


Here’s hoping my dozen or so boxes and crates of books will waltz to my new apartment.