I made a special effort to get these pictures uploaded last night, so I want to post them this morning. The catch is that I have to be at work before 8 (very early for me), so there’s not much time to write about them.


Okay, picture #1 is a closeup of the giant (200-yd!) skein of Redwood bfl. Very soft, a little more pink than utterly perfect but lovely nonetheless. I love it. (I’m also very pleased that it’s less pink and more brownish and orangey now that it’s plied.)


Picture #2 is the ounce of Delphinium corriedale from the Boogie sampler; it’ll eventually be the other wristwarmer. (Along with the Pine corriedale.)

And just in case I don’t get a chance to post again before Maryland (whee!), say hi if you see someone walking around with a frog or a ladybug (finger puppet) in her hair. It’ll almost certainly be me. (And, if it isn’t, please make said person introduce herself to me.)