I am still busy (tired of hearing that yet?), although some of it has been non-work. Including some spinning, displayed on the plants in my front window:


This is one ply of the red maple bfl and one ply of moonflower wool blend, both from Amy Boogie… I didn’t get a chance to count the yardage, but it’s probably 75-100 of dk-worstedish.

Anyone else getting really, really excited about Maryland? I picked up a sleeping bag pad this afternoon, which is making it seem much more real. Whee! Camping and sheep and wool! (The other day, I woke up with “sheep and wool” running through my head to the tune of Fountains of Wayne’s “Peace and Love”: “sheep and wool, sheep and wool, that’s all I’m thinking of, baby, sheep and wool.” No, it doesn’t rhyme, but I’m excited anyway.)