I come home, exhausted (a little before 8pm). I find the simplest possible thing to eat for dinner, or something at least really close to that. I maybe perk up a little or maybe just feel even guiltier than before about the beyond-lamentable state of my apartment, so I start cleaning things.

And then I give in to the urge I’ve had since morning to bake something. Specifically, a bar cookie version of the carob-peanut butter-banana cookies that I like so much. My thought was that if I made bar cookies it’d be faster than making lots of separate cookies. Uh huh. The spreading of the cookie dough into the pan was certainly faster, but the baking, instead of 7 or 8 minutes, took the better part of an hour. Plus the time it took to let it cool, cut it into 30 (large) rectangles, and discover that they weren’t really finished baking. So here it is, just past two a.m., and I’m still awake. I am going to need soooo much coffee to function tomorrow.

I will leave you with a picture that represents how I’m feeling right now: