An open letter to yarn shop owners and managers:

If I e-mail you saying I plan to return to your store with an item I wish to exchange, and mention in the e-mail that said item was special ordered, the proper time to tell me that it’s store policy not to accept exchanges on special-order items is as soon as you read my e-mail, NOT after I’ve schlepped the yarn (and myself, and, incidentally, my parents) to your store. If you are unable to reply to my e-mail–if, perhaps, you only check the store e-mail every two days or so–then please, please have the decency to politely and respectfully tell me, “Sorry, we can’t accept returns or exchanges on special-ordered merchandise.” Don’t say something like, “Well, okay, we’ll make an exception this once, but you really should know that custom yarn over the internet may not be exactly the color you think it’ll be, and we can’t do this in the future.” Conveying in your attitude that you think I’m an obnoxious idiot to not have realized that special orders were exempt from the returns policy on your website and invoice and to not have thought about the immense hassle I’m putting you through by having you find an entry in your inventory system for my un-bar coded yarn is NOT the way to get me to like your store. Treat me like an intelligent adult, don’t make me feel like an errant child, and I’ll be happy to respect your store policies.


[names withheld because my other experiences at the store in question have been good]

In more positive news, my family seder last night was very nice once everyone arrived and things got started. My one and a half-year-old step-cousin was quite a cutie, and it was fun to have her there, despite all of the running around involved in having a toddler in a completely un-childproofed house.