I remain quite busy in lab, but I snuck out early on Monday to see Stephanie speak at Loop. It was great fun, being among so many knitters…especially because the crowd included Juno, Anj, Ann, Martha, and Rachel (among others, including those whose names or URLs I’ve forgotten) along with Stephanie. (And it was nice to see Hardangervidda in person.)

So, yes. That was much fun. And I’ve finished knitting the fourth (and very small) Dulaan hat, finished spinning the “pine” corriedale from Amy Boogie, and started spinning the “sunflower” merino. Mmm…silky. Except it feels like woven silk more than like the silk-blend rovings I’ve spun.

There are other things tempting me away from my crash course in molecular biology…it’s starting to really feel like spring. (So far, the work is holding its own–spring isn’t as much of a surprise, and I want to see how the lab things will turn out. And, well, spring will happen on its own, without any effort on my part.)

This is from a week ago last Sunday, when I went for a walk with my neighbors and their dog. That was fun…I took about sixty pictures. I love not-quite-leafed-out trees.