That would be the whirring of my Lendrum, which has gotten a lot of use lately. Wednesday was the spin-in at my local handweavers’ and spinners’ guild, Thursday was Fiber Night…and Friday and yesterday were just spinning for the addictiveness heck of it. (I should mention that, although the carry-bag for my wheel is very useful, and I’m glad to have it, whoever designed it either has the neck and shoulders of a linebacker or never expected anyone to use it for distances longer than house-to-car. I’m going to see if I can convert it to a backpack.)

And to finish this yarn:

sorry about the crappy image quality–my regular camera’s at work, and my real camera would require a few days for film processing, so this was taken with my phone

This is some of the Red Maple BFL from Amy Boogie, which fluffed up after washing to be the bulkiest yarn I’ve ever spun. It’s actually on the heavy side of worsted. June is clearly right about the virtues of sample skeins… For the next bobbin of BFL I spun up, I stopped making an effort to spin thick. Anyway, it’s really soft and fluffy, and would be very, very hard to give up if I liked purple. (As it is, it’ll be a great birthday present for the person for whom I picked the roving.) This is absolutely my favorite kind of color to spin–there’s enough difference for me to enjoy the variation and the different bits plying together, but it’s still a solid enough yarn that it should make nice, wearable garments.

(Oh, yes, and the wiry white things on the right hand side of the picture? Mel’s whiskers.)

I am off this afternoon to do yet more fibercrafting, as I’ll be hanging out with a friend who has a high-functioning sewing machine and the skills to use it (and help me use it). My goal: more skirts with pockets.

Also, a note about the sidebar:

Those among you who 1. are observant and 2. actually show up at my blog instead of reading via bloglines or newsgator may have noticed that I added several links to the “other knitters” list (which had not been updated for about a year, since right after I moved my blog to Typepad). I have tried to keep this list to the blogs which I most frequently want to direct other people to (well, yeah, but for general purpose knitblogging things, like great photography or patterns or something) plus a few people I’ve known for a while who are good friends of mine, because I think they’re really cool. I read a lot more blogs than that; even after some serious pruning, there are 85 feeds in my bloglines. (Of course, some of them I don’t read for a week or so at a time, and some of them I skim. And some of them post so rarely that they hardly count.)