Yesterday was a rather dreary day, threatening or raining and then with thunderstorms in the evening. (I actually like such weather as long as I don’t get soaked on my walk to work, but it was quite a contrast from Sunday’s “come play outside!” sun.) Anyway, the greyness meant that I was almost (pleasantly) blinded when I got home and opened my box of Boogie fiber:


I bought an Almost Solid sampler, plus some extra BFL in Redwood and Red Maple. Soooo pretty. Mel seemed interested, too, but I think his camera pose was to try to convince you that his presence on the dining table is actually approved rather than merely tolerated. (I’ve given up on keeping the dining table cat-free in favor of keeping the board that supports my stereo cat-paw-free.)


Here’s my new wool sorted by subtype. The front left clump (including the azalea, which is hiding behind that blue) are the Wool Blend, behind them is the pile of merino, the front right pile is corriedale, and the large pile in the back is the biffle.

I wish I could show you a bobbin of some freshly-spun biffle, but I couldn’t get it to work. It’s lusciously soft, and I enjoyed drafting some of the Red Maple sample bit…but I had problems. I think it’s a combination of adjusting to having a brake band and having to set up a leader for the first time. (Is there a right way or a best way or a wrong way to set up a leader? The first way I tried was definitely wrong, since it didn’t wind on at all…) I had the hardest time getting take-up without having the wool yanked out of my hands… I did spin a bit of the Azalea onto the bobbin I’d been using before, but I will probably take it back off the bobbin so I can have my skein of blue and teal and black without pink. (Oh, how I hate the way pink and purple find their way into nearly every variegated yarn!)

On a happier note, though, I’ve got a few other new fun acquisitions:

Books & tea

My copy of Knitting Rules came yesterday. I haven’t finished it yet, mostly because I was trying to spin and because I want it to last a few days. Yay, Yarn Harlot! I picked up the copy of Knitting Vintage socks and the bag of lemon-ginger-myrtle tea on Saturday, when Miriam came into town from a visit to the suburbs. I keep forgetting to try the tea–maybe tonight!–but it smells heavenly.