Well, I got some more kool-aid (and a very strange look from the cashier when I arrived at the cash register with eleven packets of drink mix and nothing else). Three and a half packets of cherry, one packet each of tropical punch and lemonade, and half a packet of ice blue raspberry lemonade later, I had this:


I’ve included a netflix envelope for color-balance confirmation and one of my favorite red t-shirts as a comparison for wearability. The yarn is now very, very red (a little more red and less orange than it looks on my laptop), but I like it. I think it’ll be fun.

And, unsurprisingly, I did some spinning this week, too:

about 150 yards of DKish yarn


This is more of my first wheel-spun singles plied with singles I spun from three colors of roving that came in multipacks with the black roving I bought to ply with the alien singles. I had fun switching between colors; I really like the bits with overlapping colors.

I feel silly, though, ’cause it’s yet another yarn that isn’t a color combination that I’m ever going to wear. Maybe I’m being overprotective of the rovings that I started spinning on my spindles and which I really like…I sort of don’t want to start spinning them on the wheel because they’ll probably come out differently. Which basically leaves me with the rovings I didn’t like as much. Well, the merino-silk wasn’t going to be a shawl project anyway, so maybe I’ll try that on the wheel…