I spent part of the weekend running around like a crazy person, part of the weekend recovering from said craziness, and a small part of the weekend playing with fibery things.

I had a lot of fun experimenting with kool-aid dyeing, despite my less-than-perfect results. I was aiming for a good, strong, possibly dark orangey-red. I got this:


It reminds me of the “red” from the fluorescently colored labelling stickers or tape-flag-sized post-its. I think it’ll overdye okay, though, as soon as I get myself to a store that sells kool-aid. That was about 3.5 oz of yarn (my cheap kitchen scale said it was a little more than 3 oz…) with 3 packets of Cherry and two packets of Orange. I’m thinking…five more packets of cherry?

I’m also thinking I might try using this process to dye the natural brown corriedale roving that I liked at Maryland and haven’t liked since. A nice reddish brownish color should be good.

Not in the red family, though, I spun up some of the blue and green wool-mohair I got while visiting my parents in July.


This batch is a lot thicker* (and softer!) than what I spun on my spindle. Unfortunately, this one, too, seems to be underplied. I’m not sure why I have so much trouble getting enough ply twist into this fiber, since I haven’t noticed this kind of problem with anything without mohair…maybe it’s more sensitive? I rather like it anyway, though, and I think it’s going to become mittens, presuming that I can maintain this grist with the remaining fiber blob. Or maybe I can get small-person mittens out of about 135 yards.

I did learn one really useful thing from this batch of yarn, though: when spinning for 2-ply, make sure that there are three empty bobbins when you start. There should be one for each ply and one to ply onto. Plying onto a lace bobbin is doable, but not so much fun, since it won’t fit nearly as much as a regular bobbin. The plan: finish plying the blue & green mohair, spin some miscellaneous colored wool singles, and ply that with the rest of the natural wool singles so there’ll be more bobbins free for whatever I want to do after that.

*okay, that means fingering to DK rather than lace with bits of fingering, still not really thick yarn