Not so much. Wheel power, on the other hand… Anj, the wonderful friend and talented enabler that she is, has lent me her spinning wheel. I went home early yesterday with a splitting headache and eyestrain, intending to go to sleep as soon as I’d accpeted the wheel delivery (delivery, even! I’m spoiled) from Ella, another excellent enabler.

Yeah, sure. That was going to happen. I played for something like an hour and a half, with this to show for it.


You may notice that there’s some approaching-sport-weight single followed by something closer to my spindle-usual tightly spun laceweightish. Some of the reason behind that switch was this:

altoids tin included for scale

I started out spinning more loosely, but I had the hardest time restarting whenever the wheel got ahead of me.

(I realize that, maybe, just maybe, if I looked at a book or a website or something, I’d actually know what to do next. But I’m having fun with the experimentation. (Except, of course, after the fifth stretch of underspun single that I’ve pulled off the bobbin in my attempt to resume spinning. That’s not so much fun. But I can find websites, at least, when I decide I need them.)

Anyway, treadling a bit faster and making sure what I was spinning was really really definitely spun produced the really fine stuff. I’m hoping to be able to get it a little heavier sometime within the next week or so…we’ll see. In case I stay longer in this part of the learning curve, though, does anyone have suggestions for what to do with the half-spun bits?