I did it! I finished my Olympic Spirit-Trail Socks a few hours ago, while watching dvds of the Muppet Show at Ella‘s.



It’s kinda impressive, how much knitting can be accomplished with two separate knitting events in one day… First was the PhillyKnitters gathering, where I knit about half the cuff, and then there was time to stop at home for the Lorna’s Worsted before heading off to Ella’s and knitting the rest.

Hurrah! Socks! Modelled pics sometime in the next few days. (I have not completed my committee meeting yet, despite the fact that it was listed as part of my event–faculty schedule conflicts delayed it until March 7th. I’m reasonably on schedule for it, though. And if you’re really curious, e-mail me, and I’ll describe my project.)

Oh, it’s so nice to be able to start knitting something else. And pick up my spindles again… But, really, I need to knit something with cables or interesting lace.

Specs on the socks:
size 5 circs (one inox, one misc aluminum)
spirit trail superwash wool, 100g/200yd
maybe 10 yards of Lorna’s Laces Worsted in Carrot
48-stitch circumference with short row heels, one short row toe and one figure-8 toe

I promise there will be some post titles without exclamation points coming up. Really.