I watched television* last night, and I plan to do so again tonight. And maybe also Thursday.

It is the Olympics for more than knitting, after all…and my downstairs neighbors were watching speed skating when I got home last night. So I stopped in to join them, and we watched some skating races and some figure skating and some of the men’s combined Alpine, after which point I had this:


I’m about to start the heel.

And I now also have this:


It’s roving that I bought from Amy Boogie. I know I’m not “supposed” to be buying fiber until Maryland, but I wanted to have something both nice and basic for when I get to play on a wheel next month. This is 12oz.–I figure that if I haven’t gotten the hang of a wheel (you know, more or less; just to at least approach my current spindle skill) by the time I spin that much, I just need to go ahead and get lessons.

*Note: I don’t own a television. I probably won’t get one until I find the equivalent of rabbit ears for my laptop.