I’ve been thinking that I should organize my plans for my knitting and spinning. Especially since I didn’t do that last month and I keep thinking of new things I want to start…

What I currently have on needles:
Jaywalker–these were supposed to be finished by Valentine’s Day. I have about half a sock and a centimeter of ribbing on the second one. I’m going to give up on the KAL deadline and finish them at leisure. Cara: it is not your fault. Do not feel guilty–I still like both the yarn and the pattern.
baby bobbi bear–I think it would be good if I finished this before the baby in question hits six months, so…by early June
green felted totebag–I’d like to use it, but it’s not urgent, and it’s just for me. And too bulky to carry around.
klarabrite–I desperately need some sweaters, and I should probably start with the quicker knit that I’ve already got going
b&b cardigan–too much chart-looking and pattern-designing (mods from pullover to zip-cardi and addition of pockets) for now; maybe over the summer
autumn sunset shawl–I want to have this done by fall, which gives me plenty of time

not yet cast on:
wristwarmers for Mom
–these are for her birthday next month, so I should hurry up and find the yarn
warm-colors hat–I’ve been wanting a hat in warm colors. I don’t know how much use it’ll get this year, but it might actually be doable before the Olympics if I can pick a fair isle motif I like.
wristwarmers for me–some version of Jody‘s natalya with the golden koigu from last year’s superbowl sale
cardiganized rogue–elann highland wool in chocolate (I need more cardigans with pockets!)
peacock feathers shawl–I’ve ordered my yarn from Fleece Artist, and it should arrive at The Point sometime soonish (I hope)
shadow neuron scarf–I can start this as soon as I finish the warm colors hat and chart out the pattern

So, top non-Olympic knitting priorities: Jaywalker, 2 pairs of wristwarmers, a hat, and the shadow-neuron scarf. And then the bear and klarabrite.

what’s on my spindles:
orange mohair-wool
orange merino-silk

I have no external deadlines for spinning, but I’d like to spin up the rest of the mohair-wool by Maryland.