I have continued to knit and spin very little. I got sidetracked by things like company and this weird phenomenon called housecleaning which I’d managed to skimp on for a long time. (And I’m still rereading those books I read last week…)

But I did manage to set the twist on the alpaca-silk that I plied while at my grandma’s house. It had to come off the niddy-noddy so the couch could be cleared off, you know.

about 50 yards

Yesterday morning was so bright and sunny and beautiful after a grey and rainy Saturday that I couldn’t stay at work any longer than necessary. I decided to walk to Rosie’s to use a frequent-buyer discount. I’m glad I walked; it was a lot colder than it’d been recently, but it finally felt like January. And it was a great excuse to pull out my giant patchwork scarf.

And, well, it was a beautiful day…

a sycamore downtown

So, there I was, going to a yarn store during a yarn-buying moratorium, so I focussed on tools. My top priority was sock-circs, ’cause I think maybe part of the slowness of my Jaywalker progress is the needles. I really like them, and they were okay for the koigu, but I think the Lantern Moons with the Soft Rock are slowing me down. And circs are faster for me anyway.


While I was there, I picked up the issue of VK with the cabled cardigan I’ve been seeing around and a copy of the Lotus Blossom Shawl pattern.* Hey, patterns and magazines aren’t yarn! And, on the way over, I’d been thinking that a swift might be particularly useful for turning my skeined singles back into forms from which I could ply (in addition to their general usefulness in knitting), so I asked about swifts. I bought one; it’s very pretty, and it’s lacquered wood, which is super nice. There’s just one problem:


See that? Glue, holding the slidey clamp thingy to the base clamp. (edit: this means that the umbrella-y part won’t stay out to hold the yarn, so it’s a useless pile of wood) And off went all of my energy for accomplishing stuff last night. I’ll have to exchange this swift for the other one sometime this week…

*Regarding the knit-trend phenomenon that Steph discussed the other day: in multiple aspects of my life, I tend to avoid doing things just because everyone else is doing them. I even go so far as to avoid some things because everyone else is doing them, in part because conformity is boring and in part because I don’t like the idea that people will think I’m a sheep. (I like to use bits of sheep.) But I’m trying to get better about not caring what people think. I’ll knit what I want, when I want, regardless of how many other people are making it. Cabled cardigans with pockets? Just what I need more of in my closet. Socks with some very simple, non-lacy patterning? Excellent. (Shawl-scarves full of dropped stitches? Pretty, but I can’t see it not getting horribly snagged during the first couple of hours of wear. Or the first five minutes I leave it in the room with the kitten.)