I’m sure you all knew that, but it bears repeating… Just look what Cyn gave me for midwinter holidays!


Mmmm, alpaca. What to do, what to do…I don’t think it’s really sturdy enough for socks. It may have to become a hat or wristwarmers or a scarf or something.

I got a few other excellent holiday gifts, in addition to the always-welcome money–I told my grandma she was contributing to my wheel fund, as I’m still planning to buy a wheel at Maryland. The more photogenic gifts are pictured below, but I think the best object I got was the iFM from my parents. I can listen to the radio on my iPod now! And change the volume and skip songs and pause music without taking my iPod out of my back pocket (where I keep it when I’m working)!

I love me some novelty socks

I’m especially amused by the fact that I was given three pairs of cat-patterned socks, all the same brand, all different patterns (and not all from the same people).

a frisbee thingy and a Demotivators calendar

I was kind of expecting the new Demotivators calendar, since my uncle gave lots of the previous one as midwinter gifts last year. I like it–it makes me smile, which is always good. The orange thing is a pretty good flying device. I’m sure it’s better than my throwing and catching. I managed to talk my mom into going outside to play with it with me (“If you didn’t want to play with it, why did you give it to me? What did you expect me to do?”). That may only have worked because it was the only new toy I got, but we had fun. And we didn’t get hit by either of the cars that went past in the half hour we were outside. (I could really get used to that end-of-a-dead-end-street thing.) I think I’ll have to be more careful when I play with it in the park here…

The new year has continued nearly as busy as the end of last year, but I’m optimistic that things will calm down some as of next week and a bit more as of next month March. Evidence to the contrary is absolutely not welcome.