My holiday trip to Virginia was not really anything like the super-relaxing vacation that I’d expected. It was stressful, and I’m at least as tired now as I was when I left last week, and it’s only the ridiculous number of fun things planned for this week that’s keeping me moving much at all. (And I’ve still managed to be either late or really late for stuff, and I’m starting to question the sanity of my planned trip to New York tomorrow. But if I don’t go tomorrow, how am I going to use the extra dollar on my metrocard??)

The trip to Virginia did include some funny bits, though. One example of the somewhat-inappropriate humor was the sign in the hospital that said “Skilled Care [Wing]”. That kinda struck me as implying that the people elsewhere don’t have/need skill. (My cousin, the occupational therapist, said something about how it’s a difference in how much the nurses do versus assistanty people, but I’m not really clear on that.)

And then we saw a very amusing sign on the way home, which I’ve reconstructed here:


And, aside from all of the weird bits from actually celebrating with other people, my Chanukah candles make me happy.


sorry about the low contrast, but check the background

Mel, who’s never seen either the menorah or candles on the floor before this week, is just curious about them. (Yeah, yeah, when I get my table cleared of clutter and blocking boards, I may switch to lighting candles on the table instead of on the floor.)

I’ve also been knitting some lately. The trivet got its foam base sewn on okay, and it went over well. I’m maybe 40% through the head on the baby bobbi bear (but I have yet to knit the legs), and the new Jaywalker has switched colors and the leg pattern is visible. And I survived a fiasco of plying my alpaca-silk (into mostly laceweight 2-ply) that required assistance from both my parents.