My (downstream) secret pal, the wonderful Ericka Jo, got her final package. So now I can tell you about the knit part. One of my favorite rules about the two local secret pal exchanges was that at least part of the reveal gift had to be made by the giver. I actually had, in my stash, some yarn that I was planning on using for a gift scarf when I came up with a recipient and a pattern, so off I went.




Pattern: Branching Out
Needles: clover bamboo size 8 circ
Yarn: Douceur et Soie in Garnet, about 60% of a skein.
Mods: none intentionally…

Branching out is a pretty pattern, and it’s not that difficult, but I wouldn’t call it a good first lace pattern. Sorry, but there’s enough lace out there that has the same number of stitches in each row that I’d suggest starting with one of those. I did okay, though, since it was not my first lace project. I made a few mistakes, of which I corrected exactly one. Oh my goodness, tinking mohair is Not Fun. Yes, the mohair-silk is soft and fluffy, and it’s really fun to watch the yarn float gently…but it’ll be a while before I knit anything more complex than very simple lace or cables with something I won’t want to tink.

Sorry, Cyn, I’m not a convert, after all.

Happy Solstice, everyone!