So, how does this look to you?


I was knitting away on my Jaywalker at Kirsten‘s on Sunday, when I began to worry that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish. I was already planning to use soft rock for the heel and toe, but I fear that may be insufficient.

I will continue to waver while I work on what is perhaps (or, you know, perhaps not) the slowest gift-knit I’ve ever attempted. It’s fun, but frustratingly deadlined starting to be amused by tormenting me. Or maybe I just got cursed by the overconfidence demonstrated by my knitting a couple of rows while waiting for the friends I was meeting for lunch.

The sock options, in case you’re curious:

1. Keep knitting and hope it works out. (Not a likely winner.)

2. Rip back to the ribbing and make a black onyx soft rock sock with green koigu cuff, heel, and toe; do the same with the yellowy koigu for the other sock. Hope against hope that there’s enough of the black onyx for this plan.

3. Rip entirely and try again with black onyx for the cuff/heel/toe and the koigu for the rest.

4. Rip entirely and try again with black onyx for the cuff/heel/toe and the amber soft rock for the rest.

5. Put Jaywalker off to the side and knit basic toe-up socks with the Spirit Trail yarn from Rhinebeck.

6. Go look at Natalia‘s toe-up Jaywalkers and try that with one of the koigu options.

I’m sure I could come up with a few more (say, “hey, what about those cabled socks I found in my closet a few weeks ago? I could finish those…”), but I think sleep is more important right now.