Here ’tis:

a thumb-joint past the ribbing

I spent all of my knitting time at this evening’s fiber night working on Jaywalker, although some of that was tinking after I spent three needles doing a pattern row instead of an even row…

All in all, ’twas a lovely day. The weather was absolutely perfect (mid to upper 40s and crisp and sunny), I got a delicious crepe for lunch, I continued my spendthrift spree in a stop at Loop on the way to Anj‘s, and I had a very nice walk from work to her house. It’s a bit over an hour by itself, and then there was the looking at yarn and the looking at books… I decided not to buy Handknit Holidays for now, as there are only a few things in it that I could really see myself making. And it’s not as though I have a dearth of projects lined up.

One more cool thing before I hie myself off to sleep: at fiber night was another Naomi, although (conveniently enough) she’s a [nejomi] and I’m a [najomi]. It works out a lot better that way…