I finally finished knitting the second wildfoote sock a few days ago. I have yet to weave in the ends, and I still need to reinforce the figure-8 toe on the second one, but I wore them on Wednesday anyway. I was just going to wear them to take some pictures in the sun, but then I couldn’t get myself to change to normal socks.


Mel inspecting the socks and looking for ends to play with

toe closeup

Mel inspecting my new Lantern Moons; socks and leftover yarn

The wooden needles that Mel is so curious about are my birthday present from Anju. Thanks again, Anju! Now I have to come up with something I can knit on 4.5 mm straight needles…

There was rather a lot of yarn left over. I got a sock and a half out of the first skein, so I suppose there’s about a sock’s worth left. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it, as I don’t need a third sock, but we’ll see.

Quick specs:
Brown Sheep Wildfoote in Ragtime
3.25 mm inox circulars
toe-up socks with figure-8 toes and short-row heels
slightly variegated ribbing pattern switching to k2p2 rib for cuff
standard k2tog/p2tog bindoff

For my next toe-up socks, I intend to find a stretchier bindoff method. I’ve used the sewn cast-off, and it works nicely, but I’d really prefer something that wouldn’t require extra tools, in case I’m somewhere without my darning needles.

For now, though, I’m knitting top-down Jaywalkers. (On the sock front, that is. I’m doing lots of other things more intently, most particularly lots of work.)