I’ve been unusually busy lately (that is, even busier than usual), what with the major work deadline I have a week from Wednesday. (For example, I’m in lab right now. I can usually manage to be home by ten, but not tonight.) So, since my computer will be living in lab for the next couple of days and I really don’t like uploading pictures here, it’ll be progress-picture light for a while.

Of course, there’s another reason for the dearth of progress pictures. The large amount of work kind of cuts into the fiber time. I did do some spinning over the weekend, though, to decompress, and there’s now a bit more alien yarn than the last time it was pictured here. There’s also more alpaca-silk, but that’s not even close to filling the spindle. And when it does, it’s going to take hours upon hours to ply, as it’s coming out somewhere between cobweb and light fingering. And there’s been progress on my gift for my secret pal, but I wouldn’t post a real picture of that, anyway. (But I can happily announce that it’s nearly halfway done.)

I’ve also joined the Jaywalker Knitalong. I’m nearly done with the second wildfoote sock (hurrah!), and I’m going to let myself start Jaywalker right after that. Now, I just need to decide on yarn… A question for you: I have four skeins of Koigu, two of which match and two of which just coordinate with each other. I was planning to use the matching ones for Jody‘s Natalya gauntlets. Would it be too terribly ridiculous to knit a pair of socks with two colors of koigu? Maybe swap tops of cuffs and toes? Or top ribbing, heelflaps, and toes?

As regards the world outside of lab and fiber: It’s cool and rainy here, and I have to say that I really like this weather. I’m quite fond of the crisp, sunny fall days, but I also enjoy rain when it’s not a summer drenchpour or absolutely freezing or just warm enough that I’ll sweat enough to make a raincoat pointless. I left lab to have dinner, and I had a very nice walk back, in the rain, with no official rain protection.