I’ve been doing more spinning than anything else other than work lately. Mostly it’s been more alien yarn, but I pulled out my Rhinebeck alpaca-silk while some alien yarn was setting.

about 39 yards

I had a hard time adjusting from the nice, crimpy wool I’ve been spinning to this alpaca-silk. It’s weird, the way it was simultaneously sticky and slippery… I did okay once I gave in and spun really finely. Except I still had a few silk bumps. I think all of that “fiber prep is the most important part” stuff that all the spinning experts say is particularly important for this fiber.

I have since switched back to the alien yarn and my attempt to spin heavier yarn. It’s working, in that I’ve got mostly-sport-weight singles, but I’ve had to relax my standards for evenness. I have been amazed to realize how much the tightness of my fingers sliding up the spinning bit affects the loft.

I also have a spinning question for all of you experts (including maybe physicists, since I didn’t get along well with mechanics). I’ve been looking into acquiring a wheel, and people say that higher ratios are good for finer yarn because fine yarns need more twist. I will agree that my new somewhat-thicker yarn does seem to be less twisty, but it also uses spindle momentum faster. Is that just because there’s more fiber to be twisted, so it slows the spindle faster? Or basically that a twirl of the spindle is enough to spin x amount of fiber, and I can either have a longer stretch of fine wool or a short stretch of thicker wool?

On a non-fibery note, here’s the view from next to my house last Sunday, just past noon.


There are definite up sides to living across the street from a park.