I like presents… Who doesn’t?

It’s been a good week for presents, what with my birthday and all. On Saturday, I got a mix cd from Jill and a copy of Beautiful Knitting Patterns from Rosemary.

Then, today, I got not one but two packages on my desk. The first was a final package from my Secret Pal 4, who had to move from Germany back to the US right at the end of the official exchange and thus was a bit delayed. (Hey, it’s certainly a better reason than my having just sent out a birthday present for someone whose birthday was in August.)

Sp4finalpink yarn, sparkly yarn, yummy candle…

By the way, Kelly, you are in no way the worst secret pal ever. My first secret pal sent one package and then totally disappeared. (That, incidentally, prompted this wonderful takeover on the part of several of my friends, who wished to remain anonymous.)

And then I left my desk for a while, and found a package from my current secret pal when I returned.

Sp6_2green yarn (!) and a retracting tape measure and citrusy skin care

Can someone explain the difference between a facial scrub and a facial cleanser? They both smell good, but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to use one versus the other.

For tomorrow: the saga of the felted bowl.