Well, it’s not Socks that Rock. It’s the closely related Soft Rock. I e-mailed Toni at The Fold about her post-Rhinebeck stock of StR, and managed to pick four colors of which she still had stock. So the rumors of a complete lack of StR are a bit exaggerated. At least if you figure that Soft Rock is close enough to not make a difference, which I do (as long as they’re for separate projects).

Bluemoonambermy new amber with the black onyx left from the flower basket shawl

I really had planned to make socks with my new yarn, but I think I’m going to make a lace shawl instead. (I know, you must be astonished. Me, knit a lace shawl?) I haven’t decided what pattern to use, but I think it’s going to be something knit out from the center-top with the black onyx as the outside edge.

Meanwhile, in e-mailing back and forth with Toni, I realized that I missed two entire buildings at Rhinebeck. We went in through the 4H Gate, and skipped all of buildings A and B. I remember looking out the side of building E and seeing the Gem and Mineral building and deciding not to go there… I am now beginning to consider logistics for spending the whole weekend at Maryland. Four hours just really wasn’t enough time.

And here, both by special request and because he sort of matches, is Mel: